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Soros-Affiliated, Radical-Feminist Organisation Wants Potentially Dangerous Female Criminals OUT of Prison

On my personal blog and YouTube channel, I have been running something I call the “Women Who Should Be In Prison” series which notes instances where women are let-off from prison-worthy offences because “muh, women”. Sometimes the Judges outright state their sexism, sometimes they hide it by saying they are releasing a “mother”, rather than releasing a woman. To my knowledge, no such release has been afforded to a father.

In the case of Karolina Szumko, whose offences included Racially-Motivated Abuse, Assault and Drunken & Disorderly Behaviour, she was let off because the Judge did not want to “send a lady to prison for something like this”. That is a direct quote from the judge. How is she a lady when she’s out committing very un-lady-like behaviour such as this?

Or, there’s the case of Terry Remmer, who did break into the house of an elderly man, stole his possessions and sold them on for drug money. She has a history of convictions, including shoplifting and theft. The Judge remarked: “The gravity is that if you were a man you would be going to prison today [Emphasis mine] … But I have to take into account not only your welfare but the welfare of your child.” Yes, a drug-addict kleptomaniac needs to be with her child because she is not a man.

Further to this, initiatives exist to either shut down women’s prisons or make them more hospitable for the offenders. Initiatives for men, however, are about using their children as bargaining chips, as hostages, to coerce the behaviour the system wants. Such treatment will never be used on women because the guidelines specifically prohibit it.

The Equal Treatment Bench Book, which is a guide for judges, magistrates and all other judicial office holders, specifically the section titled ‘Gender Equality’, is rife with pro-feminist propaganda and anti-male rhetoric. Such quotes are:

Women remain disadvantaged in many public and private areas of their life; they are under-represented in the judiciary, in Parliament and in senior positions across a range of jobs; and there is still a substantial pay gap between men and women.”

Stereotypes and assumptions about women’s lives can lead to unlawful discrimination.”

Women may have particular difficulties participating in the justice system, for example, because of child care issues, and courts may need to consider adjustments to enable women to participate fully.” – This is why Terry Remmer was released without a prison sentence.

And, my two personal favourites:

As judges, we can go some way to ensuring that women have confidence in the justice process and that their interests are properly and appropriately protected.”

Of course, men can suffer from gender discrimination too; this section reflects the reality that this is rarer.”

You want to know why judges are so damn lenient when presiding over cases with female perpetrators? It’s because they are guided to.

And, as if things could not get any worse, the Centre for Criminal Appeals is now seeking a Women’s Justice Advocate.

The job description states how the new recruit will seek “to use criminal appeals as impact litigation for imprisoned women who have experienced severe and multiple disadvantage” because, obviously, women are disadvantaged in the criminal justice system.

Yes, even though women are enjoying all the above privileges, given all these get-out-of-jail-free cards and the system is catered to support them, they still need a ‘justice advocate’. The female prison population currently stands at 4.5% but, organisations such as this one still push this misandrist, feminist policy of ‘no/fewer women in prison’. Justice, it seems, means nothing to these sorts.

This comes as no surprise, considering who helped set it up:

Vera Baird, former director of the organisation and one of the founding members, now current Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, notable for her skewed (misandrist) posters on domestic violence and for claiming DV is not something done by a few cruel and unusual men and that violence in the home is 90% or more perpetrated by men against women.

Emily Bolton, former director of the organisation and one of the founders of CCA. CCA’s methodology is based on Ms Bolton’s previous project, the Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO). Ms Bolton received a Soros Advocacy Fellowship to set-up IPNO, and has jumped back across the pond bringing her Soros-approved-and-funded ideas with her. Thus, CCA is, by extension, a George Soros project.

They cite Baroness Corston, chiefly because of her report, colloquially known as ‘The Corston Report’ which features this delightful quote “Equality does not mean treating everyone the same”. All animals are equal, some are more equal than others.

And in that line of thought, on the job listing the CCA states, without any sense of irony:

The Centre for Criminal Appeals is committed to promoting equality, diversity and to providing an inclusive and supportive environment and we seek people who share these values.

Yet, despite the prison population being overwhelmingly male, despite the Legal System being guided towards leniency for female perpetrators, despite feminist PCCs flexing their feminist (misandrist) muscles and despite the President of the Supreme Court, Baroness Hale, pursuing ‘equality’ as her prime focus and her calling for more female judges, pressure groups such as the Centre for Criminal Appeals still feel it necessary to prioritise women over men.

This Soros-Affiliated, Radical-Feminist organisation is but another stain on our already tarnished ‘justice’ system.

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