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The Americans Would Start Another War of Independence if They Were an EU State

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Today, I was asked by American journalists what I think of Barack Obama, the President of the United States commenting on Britain’s relationship with the EU, demanding we support a stay vote. Other key American figures such as Bill Gates have come out in gushing praise for the European Union. Rather than get into a difficult conversation on the lines of what right does another country have to tell us what to do, I decided to put the shoe on the other foot, to ask the American TV interviewers, people from the country that sees itself as the land of liberty, to imagine a North American Union.

Let’s just think for a minute about this question, what would Bill Gates and Barack Obama say to a proposal to merge the USA with Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Brazil as a superstate? Would they cheer for a North American Union with as much passion as they have for British membership of the EU? It’s amazing what people will agree to when it’s not in their backyard. Again and again, in politics, we keep coming across that phrase “Nimby” we so associate with statism.
Would Gates show such enthusiasm for a North American Union?

There will be an objection to this scenario, yes, people will point out that Brazil isn’t in North America! Of course, but Turkey isn’t in Europe now is it, but it is being welcomed in the EU fold nonetheless. Imagine Americans refusing to have Brazil join the North American Union because it is not North American, and in return the media labels them a bunch of bigots. The whole argument of the need for union because we share a common European identity gets even weaker when proposed EU states are not, well, European.

Would Obama be cheering when democracy is overlooked as allocation of commissioners gives Mexicans, Brazilians and Jamaicans more voice per constituent on US domestic policy than Americans themselves. Why do I say this? Well, the current setup of the EU Parliament means Maltese and Irish MEPs have less constituents than British MEPs. Actually, this democratic failing means that British subjects have the second weakest voice in the whole of the EU.

Moreover, how about when Americans find themselves out numbered in the North American Unions organs, such as the Commission, the Council of Presidents, and the Parliament? Will they smile when their voice is drowned out by Mexicans, Brazilian and the Caribbean islanders, who dominate the North American Union’s Commission, and decide the future destiny of the USA, regardless of what Americans want? Or will they be demanding localism, that government be less centralised? Currently, the British voice in the EU is outnumbered and rather pointless, hence our choice of MEPs, many of whom are Eurosceptics, reflects a protest vote. So much for the classical liberal notion of governments being accountable to us and not the other way around.
Obama is in no position to lecture Britain on its relationship with the EU while the USA is so cold to Mexico

What if every time the US representatives put their case forward they are out voted? Never once has Britain managed to successfully object to an EU motion. Moreover, imagine that because at times the American commissioners tried to achieve what the American people wanted, they are mocked in the NAU Parliament as the awkward yankies who keep not playing the game, who keep letting down the North American project. Britain is a major financial contributor to the EU, basically propping up weaker economies where there is corruption, and in return, it’s despised.

I asked the TV journalists, would they be pleased to have an unelected president for the USA? What is this North American Union superstate was run by someone they never heard before but linked to the banks? Perhaps Gates might like this scenario if he was appointed to the job; who knows, one doesn’t want to presume. That said rich billionaires and banks are never far apart. But just ask yourself, how many Americans would flip if the North American president was a Mexican or a Cuban? With their “birther” protests, it seems many found Obama too exciting.

Moreover, the EU Parliament has no real voice; the MEPs cannot propose laws, there are no Private Members bills, but merely they rubber stamp what legislation the EU Commission issues after meetings behind closed doors. Would Americans be as calm about this democratic deficit that Britain faces? All I have to say is Boston Tea Party was triggered in far more democratic circumstances. If Obama and Gates think Britain should be in the EU without democratic voice, by that logic are they going to demand Queen Elizabeth the II as their head of state? Maybe the USA should be a UK territory, rather alike Bermuda or the Falklands. At least the Queen lets the people dictate the future of the nation.
It is rather absurd of the USA to demand European countries merge, when it dreams of a Berlin Wall between itself and Mexico.

Would he like the USA to share a currency with the corrupt Mexican government? What if Cuba lied about its economy with the help of a big bank to get into the Amero currency but only collect half its taxes, resulting in a great weight on the US economy? Greece gained entry into the EU when documents were forged, supposedly with the assistance of Goldman Sachs bank to hide the real state of the Athenian economy. Moreover, throughout the Meditaranean corruption and tax evasion are accepted.

Would Obama be pleased when due to the Jamaican Mafia that island totally collapses and to bail it out, American taxpayers have to pay higher tax and have a lower cost of living? How is this in the spirit of free market economics? Currently Britain is investing taxpayers money heavily to bailout Greece despite austerity measures in the UK resulting in cuts to the welfare state, including the NHS, and threats to abolish some support for the disabled. Would Americans really want to find themselves in our circumstances? Considering the USA ignored Haiti, and even to a great extent their own people in New Orleans, who were in very serious need of humanitarian assistance, I doubt they would accept bailout costs for any North American Union state.

Knowing America’s recent foreign policy in Europe, i.e. Ukraine, and history in Latin America, perhaps they’d fall out with the North American Union and provoke a Caribbean civil war. Again, let us remember what happened last time the Americans were not happy to be part of a political union: they killed a lot of British soldiers.
American politicians praising EU membership: All I have to say is Boston Tea Party was launched in far more democratic circumstances.

Would the USA be as nice and welcoming as the UK when thousands of Mexicans and Caribbean islanders move in regardless of whether their CVs feature skills in demand by the US economy? Unlikely considering their politicians suggest building the Berlin Wall on their southern border! The USA is currently imitating one of the divisive moments of European history, when one nation, Germany, was divided, but has the arrogance to demand European states are combined into a federal republic, for the financial benefit of America.

Then just to wrap up this little trip into the world of imagination, what if Hilary Clinton promised to get a better deal for Americans, met the Canadian president, and then just made some empty promises not to integrate the NAU further? Yes, as Jacob Rees-Mogg said when Cameron returned from the EU negotiations, “the thin gruel has been further watered down”.

What if then Clinton then said that the only way to keep peace in North America, to avoid another American Civil War, the American taxpayer must bail out Jamaica and Cuba for tax evasion? Further, allow thousands more unskilled Brazilians and Mexicans into New York despite the housing and unemployment crisis. Oh, and just to put the cherry on the cake, forget about having an elected president. Actually if anything would trigger a war, surely it would be such a scenario, something likely far more distressing to the USA than what moved then to start the American Revolution.

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