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Mandela didn’t demand statues of Rhodes are torn down

The Rhodes Must Fall group, led by Ntokozo Qwabe, a Rhodes Scholar from South Africa, is demanding that Oriel College of Oxford tear down their Rhodes statue. As a South African, Qwabe will be well aware of the principle of ubuntu that Desmond Tutu promoted; he is not pursuing reconciliation but stirring up tension.

Mandela didn’t demand statues of Rhodes are torn down, but moved forward, forming the Mandela Rhodes Foundation which still exists and that Qwabe benefited from; hence the hypocrisy of the student’s actions.

The former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission lambasted the campaign as “simultaneously witless, wrongheaded and reprehensible”. I ask, if we heed this demand to tear down a statue of Rhodes, what will be next; he now is making the offensive demand that the French flag is banned on all university campuses because of colonial past. Next it will be the Union Jack.

Currently, South Africa is obsessed with renaming towns and removing statues, while little is done to improve the actual worsening conditions of the people; schools are not build, housing standards are not improved. While some people don’t have a toilet, the president builds himself the Nkandla palace.

Mr Philips rightly said the attempt to remove the statue of the British imperialist “trivialises the memory of many millions who genuinely did suffer under colonialism, and dishonours the work of those who fought apartheid, including many British students”.


The statue in question: a small plinth to a man that donated a lot of money to the college. While his actions can yes be bought into question, so could most businessmen today who make money off the back of shockingly poor working conditions in China.

The Afrikaner government never tried to stamp Rhodes out, despite the horrors of the Anglo-Boer Wars. Heroes from Shaka Zulu to Mahatma Gandhi did things that were would be frowned upon in more enlightened times but it’s not for such failings that they are praised.

@carltonwilliams @RhodesMustFall @RoyallMustFall @FordHall2015 @BCRacism Let’s hope statues of murderous Asians/Africans get torn down too.

Jem Vanston ‏@ACatCalledDog  19 Dec 2015

Currently some moron is demanding that Hadrian’s Wall be torn down for it glorifies the Roman imperialism of Europe. I live next to a Roman fort; have visited it – admired the architecture, imagined myself as a gladiator in the amphitheatre, while all aware that I would have been a Roman slave if alive in that time. It’s amazing how British people are usually proud of Roman artefacts and fascinated by the history, not burning with anger.

Again, surely we can not continue down his route he demands that would result in the current British monarch being imprisoned for war crimes due to ruling over the now disbanded British Empire.

Henry Shalders, a second-year student at Oriel College and editor of Cherwell, the university newspaper, said “Rather than taking action to reform the Oxford curriculum or redress the imbalance in the student population, Oriel College will have made a cosmetic change to its façade.”

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